Spare Parts


Spare bowls and tops are available in various colour options for your dome or leaf revitaliser. You can also replace the disc & funnel, and a handy cleaning brush is available to ensure that your machine is working as effectively as possible.

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Spare parts for your Revitaliser

Spare bowls are available on sale separately. As per operating instructions included with your purchase, never use hot water or place in dishwasher to clean. CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Rinse daily with clean cold water before adding the concentrate. Wipe the inside with a clean cloth/paper towel if dirty: do not place in dishwasher or use hot water. Do not use abrasives or cleaning agents.

A handy cleaning brush is available to clean the funnel of your revitaliser at least once a week to ensure optimal results.

Spare tops in various colours are available as shown.

A spare disc & funnel is available in either a grey or transparent option, depending if your revitalisers has an LED light.

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