Dome Multi LED Revitaliser


The Dome Multi LED revitaliser is available in three colours: white, silver or faux wood. The LED light (LED = light-emitting diode) is optional as there is a separate switch that you can use to turn this light on or off whilst the revitaliser is in operation.

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Dome Revitaliser with Multi-colour LED

The Dome Revitaliser is slightly smaller than the Leaf Revitaliser and is available in white, silver and faux wood. The multi colour LED dome is fitted with multi coloured LED lights that shine while the revitaliser is in operation (LED = light-emitting diode). This model does have a separate switch for the LED and may be switched off while the Revitaliser is still in operation.

The unit carries a 6-month limited warranty. Proof of purchase and a submitted Warranty Card is required.

Click here to learn how it works and/or download instructions (140KB).

Add 5 to 10ml of your choice of Beautiful Aromas concentrate to the water in your Revitaliser for cleaner, healthier air. Click here for the concentrate chart describing the health benefits and focus of each Beautiful Aromas concentrate.

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White, Charcoal, Silver, Gold, Pearl, Faux Wood