How to sync a WooCommerce store with Sage Business Cloud using

Sage business Cloud is a powerful and complete accounting tool that can be used to handle all aspects of your company, from billing to inventory control. In order to effortlessly link your WooCommerce shop with Sage Business Cloud, you may utilize

In this post, we’ll guide you through the process of utilizing to sync your WooCommerce shop with Sage Business Cloud.

Getting started: How to sync your Sage Business Cloud with WooCommerce &

Creating an account on is the first step. Create an account by going to the website. You may log in and start using the service after creating your account.

Linking your WooCommerce store with and Sage Business Cloud

The next step is to link your account to your WooCommerce shop. Installing the plugin on your WooCommerce shop is required to do this. By heading to your WordPress dashboard, selecting the Plugins area, and clicking Add New, you may do this. Do a search for “” and then install the plugin.

You can locate your API key in your account and will need to input it after the plugin has been installed. Your WooCommerce shop will be linked to after your API key has been submitted.

Syncing Sage Business Cloud to WooCommerce with

Connecting Sage Business Cloud to is the following procedure. You’ll need to establish a new API key and connect into your Sage Business Cloud account in order to do this. After generating your API key, copy it and return to

Click Sage Business Cloud under the Integrations heading on In the relevant area, paste your API key, then choose Connect. will now be linked to your Sage Business Cloud account.

Applying the correct settings for your WooCommerce and Sage Business Cloud Sync

Configuring your sync settings is the subsequent step. Go to the Settings tab in the Sync section of You may set up how data is synchronized between your WooCommerce shop and Sage Business Cloud here.

You have the option to sync your customers, orders, and more. You may also decide whether you want your data to sync automatically or manually, as well as how often.

Activating the data sync between Sage Business Cloud, and WooCommerce

You may begin synchronizing your data after you’ve set up your sync preferences. Click on Sync Now under the Sync section of Your WooCommerce shop and Sage Business Cloud will begin to sync as a result of this.

The sync procedure might take a few minutes or more, depending on how much data you have. After the sync is finished, your data will be visible in both your WooCommerce shop and Sage Business Cloud.

Monitor Your Sync Status with’s easy to read sync logs

In order to make sure that your data is correctly synchronizing, it’s critical to keep an eye on your sync status. Click on Sync Status in the Sync section of You may check the progress of your sync here, along with any potential issues.

You may resolve any issues by double-checking your sync settings and making sure that your WooCommerce shop and Sage Business Cloud are correctly linked if you have any issues.

You may have a smooth workflow between your WooCommerce shop and Sage Business Cloud after your data is synchronizing correctly. Your client information will be synchronized across the two platforms, and your inventory levels and order imports will all be current.


Your company operations may be streamlined and manual data input time can be reduced by utilizing to sync your WooCommerce shop with Sage company Cloud. You may experience a completely connected workflow between your store’s workflow and your accounting software with only a few easy steps.