WooCommerce and Sage 200 Evolution: How to integrate stock, price and orders?

Keeping track of orders, pricing, and inventory can be challenging for an online retailer. But connecting your WooCommerce shop to Sage 200 Evolution can speed up the procedure and guarantee flawless operations. We’ll go through the advantages of connecting your WooCommerce store with Sage 200 Evolution in this article, as well as how Storehub.io may assist you in doing so.

How to integrate your stock, price and orders from Sage 200 Evolution with WooCommerce

Small- to medium-sized businesses can benefit from Sage 200 Evolution, an all-in-one business management solution. It provides a variety of tools for managing many facets of your organization, including as bookkeeping, inventory management, and customer relationship management. Making well-informed decisions based on correct data is possible with Sage 200 Evolution, which will help you streamline your company processes.

How does WooCommerce and Sage 200 Evolution Sync Work?

A well-known open-source online storefront designed specifically for WordPress is called WooCommerce. It offers a simple interface that makes it simple to create an online store, manage products and orders, and take payments. With more than 5 million active installs, WooCommerce is a reputable platform for online shops all over the world.

Sage 200 Evolution with WooCommerce integration: why?

Sage 200 Evolution with WooCommerce integration offers a number of advantages, including:

Inventory management is simplified when you link your store to Sage 200 Evolution. This allows your product catalog and stock levels to sync automatically. As a result, the likelihood of overselling or underselling is decreased and you are always sure to have proper inventory levels.
Order fulfillment can be automated when your store is integrated with Sage 200 Evolution, which will simplify the order administration process. Order status updates, refunds, and cancellations may all be processed with ease.
Managing product pricing and promotions accurately is simple with Sage 200 Evolution. Sage 200 Evolution can be integrated with your store to guarantee that your pricing is consistently correct and up to date.
Better customer service: By connecting your store to Sage 200 Evolution, you may access customer information and purchase history. Thus, you may better serve customers and increase their pleasure by offering them individualized service.

How may Storehub.io be used to combine WooCommerce with Sage 200 Evolution?

Sage 200 Evolution and WooCommerce are linked using the integration platform Storehub.io. It provides a quick and easy way to sync orders, pricing, and inventory between your store and Sage 200 Evolution. This is how, with Storehub.io, you can link your store to Sage 200 Evolution:

First, register with Storehub.io.

Visit Storehub.io’s website to register for an account in order to get started. You can get onto the Storehub.io dashboard once you’ve registered.

The second step is to link your WooCommerce store.

The following step is to link Storehub.io to your WooCommerce store. Install the Storehub.io plugin on your WordPress website before you can do this. Your WooCommerce API key and secret are required to link your store after installation.

Connect Sage 200 Evolution in the third step.

You must first link Sage 200 Evolution to Storehub.io before you can connect your store. Your API key and account information for Sage 200 Evolution must be provided in order to do this.

Configure the synchronization settings in step four.

Setting up synchronization options is possible after connecting your store and Sage 200 Evolution. You can select the data to synchronize, the frequency at which it should happen, and whether real-time or batch synchronization should be used.

Beginning synchronization is step five.

You can begin synchronizing your data between Sage 200 Evolution and your store after setting up your synchronization settings. In order to keep your data correct and up-to-date, Storehub.io will automatically sync your orders, price, and inventory.

What you can do to set up and sync your Sage 200 Evolution with WooCommerce

Your business operations can be streamlined and made to run smoothly by integrating your WooCommerce store with Sage 200 Evolution. Storehub is used